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Data privacy and cybersecurity: Autumn agenda 2022

The summer is traditionally a slow time for new developments but 2022 has not played ball. In particular, the government’s proposed reforms of the UK data protection regime have moved a step closer to reality with the introduction of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill to parliament.

The ICO also held its annual data protection practitioners conference (DPPC) which, among other things, provided us all with some valuable insights into the direction of travel at the ICO. The new Information Commissioner, John Edwards, spoke in some depth about his plans for the regulator. This is embodied in the draft three-year strategic plan, ICO25, which is open for public consultation closing on 22 September. See the recent blog post by Kate Partridge of Fieldfisher on what ICO25 means.

My colleague, Helen Padley, attended the DPPC and has also shared her key takeaways here on the in-house blog.

Developments over summer 2022

There have been several key data privacy developments over the summer that in-house counsel should be aware of:

Key dates: autumn 2022

Key forthcoming dates include:

New Practical Law content

Over the course of the summer, Practical Law has published:

Practical Law has also published a set of legislation trackers for selected UK and EU data protection legislative proposals and legislation in force:

Featured Asks

We have also published the following Asks:

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