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Future now! Please share your views

The “Future of the Legal Profession” is a topic that has come up repeatedly in the past few years and has been looked at through different lenses, from how to train the next generation of lawyers during a pandemic that makes traditional in-person training impossible, through how to recruit diverse candidates into a historically homogenous profession, to whether law represents a solid career choice if much of the job could soon be done by Legal Technology (let alone AI).

Numerous valuable initiatives exist to mitigate perceived deficiencies in legal education, legal training and legal practice – all with a view to shaping a more positive future for the legal profession and the individuals within it.

Practical Law In-house would like to contribute to that future by convening a Future Board of in-house lawyers just starting out in their careers (around 0-3 PQE/IH experience), who can distil their peers’ pressing concerns and priorities and facilitate discussion between them and more senior lawyers. We are holding a round table workshop next week to determine the Board’s scope and initial priorities – and want as much input as possible.

If you are an early career in-houser, please share your views by voting in a poll I have published on LinkedIn, and if you have colleagues who fall into our target cohort, please ask them to do so. I’m also interested in the views of aspiring lawyers who might be thinking of a career in in-house law, and there’s a second poll trying to establish their main concerns about getting there. I’m looking at numbers not names and trying to put together a Board that can really speak to and for the next generation of lawyers.

You could also connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a message – it would be great to hear from you.

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