Join us for a live briefing on Practical Law’s EU and Europe materials

Need to keep on top of EU law developments as they unfold? Need information on the best business vehicle to use in the Netherlands? Want to know how to set up a partnership or acquire a business in a France or Spain? Verify the execution requirements for your counterparty in Ireland or find out where to focus due diligence when acquiring an Italian business?

Join our expert editors and understand how easily you can access EU law materials and up-to-date coverage of key corporate law topics on our enhanced country pages for France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and The Netherlands at our next Practical Law Briefing on Wednesday 9 February at 10.00 am GMT. Heleen van Lil (Director, Practical Law EU), Sarah Hassan (Lead, Practical Law Europe) and Jessica Brown (Director, Customer Training) will share their perspectives on the work behind our Europe coverage.

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