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Practical Law Global IP&T new Quick Compare charts

Practical Law Global Intellectual Property & Technology has published 34 Quick Compare charts, which allow you to review and compare information about IP law and practice across different jurisdictions. The charts provide multi-layered content, allowing you to view “at a glance” summaries, together with more detailed explanations, citations and links to other relevant resources.

The charts cover particular aspects of IP law and practice, including rules on IP ownership, the registrability and maintenance of key IP rights, IP assignments, licensing and patent litigation. For the full spread of QC charts, see IP Rights Quick Compare Charts: Global Toolkit and IP Transactions Quick Compare Charts: Global Toolkit, which showcase and provide links to all 34 charts.

User-friendly format aids comparisons

QC charts are user-generated, so you can focus on the questions and jurisdictions of interest. The user-friendly format of the QC charts allows you to view jurisdiction-specific content across a range of questions within each topic. QC charts display answers using intuitive colour-coded badges. Greater depth and links to relevant content are available with a single click on each badge.

Practical Law Global for cross-border lawyers

Our QC charts are part of Practical Law Global, which is accessible via the Practical Law Global homepage for users with a Global premium subscription. Global serves in-house and private practice lawyers working on cross-border matters, with the aim of:

  • Helping cross-border lawyers to get up to speed quickly on a particular topic in their chosen jurisdiction.
  • Reducing their reliance on local counsel for those early stage, high-level questions.
  • Increasing their confidence that local counsel are on the right track.

Through a wide range of jurisdiction-specific practice notes, checklists and flowcharts, many of which are housed within convenient toolkits, Global IP&T supports in-house lawyers advising multinational companies on the IP&T aspects of:

  • Establishing an overseas business.
  • Managing a foreign subsidiary.
  • Carrying out multinational operations.
  • Entering into M&A or capital markets transactions.
  • Resolving disputes.
  • Managing insolvency risk of their counterparties.

For all the latest publications from Practical Law Global, see New Content: Global. For questions about access, please contact your Account Manager.

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