Privacy and cybersecurity: Winter agenda 2019/2020

Our last quarterly horizon scan drew attention to the need to gear up for a no-deal Brexit. That prospect reduced in likelihood somewhat after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s renegotiated withdrawal agreement seemed to be making its way through parliament. The political process, however, has been temporarily paralysed once more pending the outcome of the general election on Thursday 12 December. The UK may still depart the EU, with or without a deal, on 31 January 2020. Meanwhile, a Labour-led administration of any kind may lead to a second referendum and a possible no Brexit outcome.

On the basis that the picture remains unclear and no-deal remains in play, it is worth highlighting that Practical Law has published a No-deal Brexit: data protection toolkit which includes the following resources:

Away from the politics, there are a number of forthcoming developments which in-house practitioners may need to be aware of as we head into the winter.

Open consultations

Consultations currently open which you may wish to respond to include:

ICO AI auditing framework

The ICO expects to publish its final artificial intelligence (AI) auditing framework by 31 January 2020, with the associated guidance for organisations scheduled for publication during spring 2020. The framework is the culmination of a consultation process in which the ICO invited organisations to share thoughts on the challenges of deploying AI technology. For more information, see ICO: AI Auditing Framework.

Other key dates

New Practical Law content

We close this edition with a look back at the privacy and cybersecurity-related resources Practical Law has published over the autumn which you may have missed. In addition to the no-deal Brexit: data protection toolkit referred to above, recently published content includes:

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