REUTERS | Pedestrian cross the new diagonal crossing at Oxford Circus in London November 2, 2009. The design of the new £5 million ($8.2 million) pound crossing was inspired by the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo and allows pedestrians to cross diagonally. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth (BRITAIN TRANSPORT CITYSCAPE SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY)

The Hearing: ep.91, Jo-Anne Pugh (BPP University Law School)

Episode 91 of the Hearing is now available.

In this episode, Yasmin goes back to school to meet the dean of BPP University Law School, Jo-Anne Pugh. They discuss what legal education is like for students who are at the beginning of their careers, and how the learning is evolving to fit (and indeed informing) the modern legal ecosystem.

The pair also chat about the concept and real life experience of “O-shaped lawyers”,  a term that’s likely to become more prevalent in industry thought leadership this year. And Jo provides an insight into the future of legal learning in a post-pandemic world.

Even if your university days are well behind you now, we think you’ll appreciate hearing about the new dynamic between educators and the legal profession, and getting an insight into the kinds of changes you can expect to see coming through the ranks.

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