The Hearing: ep.92, Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Episode 92 of the Hearing is now available.

February was US Black History Month and to celebrate we have a special episode featuring the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA). Our guest host, Thomson Reuters’ Chief Legal Officer, Thomas Kim sits down with the LFAA’s co-founders, Brenna DeVaney and Kiisha Morrow.

As you will hear, Brenna and Kiisha have had an inspirational journey. Thomas asks them what inspired them to set up the alliance and what drives them forward. They talk about the inception of the LFAA, as well as the challenges and successes they’ve had so far in their fight against systemic racism. The pair also explain why they believe lawyers are the key to bringing about effective change, and discuss their long-term ambitions for the LFAA.

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