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The Hearing podcast; ep.108, John Koufos (Cottage Four, LLC)

Episode 108 of the Hearing is now available.

Law school. Supreme Court of New Jersey. Prison. Oval Office of the White House. These are just a few places where this episode’s guest, John Koufos, has spent time. If you haven’t heard John’s story, then prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride. A former criminal defense attorney who was no stranger to a high-pressure career, John’s 15-year battle with alcoholism eventually caught up to him, with tragic consequences.

Join our new host, Lauren Sobel, as she chats with John about his former legal career, what it was like to leave the courthouse – where he once practiced – in handcuffs, his journey to becoming a recognized expert on re-entry into society after prison, and his remorse. Lauren and John also cover issues like substance abuse in the legal profession, how the criminal justice system impacts all of society, and the less obvious consequences of being a convicted felon.

John’s story gives true meaning to the phrase second chances and, as Lauren says, making lemonade out of lemons. His candor and determination had us glued to this conversation, and we think you’ll be too.

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