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The Hearing podcast: ep.98, Trust and scepticism for lawyers: getting the balance right

Episode 98 of the Hearing is now available.

This episode is a panel discussion where Becky and three guests – Dr. Larry Richard (Founder & Principal Consultant, LawyerBrain), Ann Rainhart (Chief Strategy Officer, Taft) and Michael Callier (Vice President & Global Head of Consulting, Factor) – examine the meaning of trust and how it relates to the perception of lawyers in their work.

As a lawyer, you rely heavily on interpersonal trust, but you also need to be sceptical. And is this scepticism – an essential lawyering skill – hindering your professional relationships?

Together the group delve into the complex layers of these opposing necessities of trust and scepticism. They discuss the personality traits that can help lawyers succeed on behalf of their clients without compromising integrity, and they reveal a need for vulnerability that may surprise you.

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