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The Hearing podcast: ep.99, Troy Atkin (The Weightlifting Lawyer)

Episode 99 of the Hearing is now available.

Yasmin is doing the heavy lifting for this latest episode: interviewing The Weightlifting Lawyer, Troy Atkin, a trainee solicitor at Biscoes in Portsmouth. The pair talk about Troy’s social media brand, his first career in hospitality and the incident that led him to the law. Troy’s route to success is a testament to a profession that increasingly values other industry experience in its lawyers. Troy says his hospitality background is what fuels his unmistakable passion for client care.

Troy explains how he juggles a busy caseload with his training as a power lifter. He also shares his tips around mental health resilience and how he deals with any setbacks or lows. The pair also discuss ways that law firms can support those earlier in their careers, by providing an open forum and having managers that firmly steer juniors towards a healthy work/life balance.


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