Posts on Governance, risk and compliance

Consultation board round table: hot topics for 2023

Why the compliance community has a diversity issue

  • by Gerald Chifamba
  • Compliance Services and Account Executive at EQS Group

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Practical Law training survey results: market practice v ‘best’ practice

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Human Rights and M&A: It’s no longer about the ‘why’; it’s now about the ‘how’

What the heck is “Failure to Prevent Criminal Facilitation of Tax Evasion” and why should l care?

The DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019: some key takeaways

How to eat the ‘Third Party Elephant’: the first step in effective third party risk management

What’s on the agenda for in-house lawyers in March 2019?

Using privacy by design to build GDPR resilience in existing business systems

A mouse’s tale of a whistleblower

Key learnings from Carillion’s collapse

5 reasons you haven’t switched hotline provider…. and why maybe you should

What worries me about whistleblowing …

The “Slave-Free” USP: some takeaways from the Trust Conference 2018

IBE Ethics at Work Survey 2018: a tool for the savvy ethics or compliance officer

Maturing the GDPR model: key takeaways from the Data, Privacy and Cyber-Resilience Forum

What’s on the agenda for in-house lawyers in November 2018?

Towards robot governance? A short tour of current conversations on artificial intelligence

Internal investigations, technology and litigation: key takeaways for in-house lawyers

Introducing Practical Law’s new in-house GDPR toolkit

100 days to go: focusing in on the core principles of the GDPR

Out of the darkness: new GDPR content on Practical Law

Four months to go: new GDPR content on Practical Law

Competition law risk: what the CMA has available to help businesses

Six months to go: new GDPR content to highlight

GDPR is changing the game: the results of Practical Law’s in-house compliance survey

OECD publishes Anti-Bribery Convention enforcement data for 2016

The in-house lawyer’s role in successful crisis management

  • by Nick Watson
  • Senior Legal Counsel and Regional Counsel, Europe & Africa


Global anti-bribery and corruption resource from Transparency International UK

Your modern slavery statement: making it a lifestyle choice

Six key questions when building a GDPR compliance programme

  • by Catie Sheret
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel for Core Markets

Key messages from Practical Law’s GC Leadership Summit 2017

Whistleblowing: is your business ready for Loi Sapin II?

GDPR: one year to go and counting – what you need to do now

Key points from the ICO Data Protection Practitioners’ Conference

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

Rolls–Royce: what can in-house lawyers learn from the DPA?

  • by David Bacon
  • Senior Editor (Business Crime & Investigations)

GDPR: first lines of attack on the new data processor compliance obligations

  • by Frank Madden
  • Legal Adviser – Privacy & Data Protection

December vlog: corporate transparency developments on the horizon

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

Beyond Section 54: insights into Modern Slavery Act compliance best practice and more from the Trust Women Conference 2016

GDPR compliance: key takeaways from Practical Law’s fifth annual Future of Data Protection Forum

The times they are a-changin’

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

Second chance: listen to our webinar on coping with complexity in law-making

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

How are companies preparing for MAR? Insights from the FTSE 100

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

The purposeful company: Big Innovation Centre call for evidence

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

Modern slavery, bribery and corruption: corporate compliance with legal frameworks

Four lessons for companies from the UK SFO’s first DPA and first enforcement of the corporate offence of failure to prevent bribery

  • by Sara Catley
  • Senior Director, Practical Law Editorial

Focus on Environmental Law compliance: substances of very high concern (SVHC)