Tudor Galos biography

Versatile, award-winning Business Consultant with a growth-hacking attitude with more than 17 years of experience in management roles in both local and regional positions. He is experienced in identifying innovative solutions to business challenges, rallying up teams, segments, key stakeholders aligning everyone’s priorities towards key business goals.

Tudor is also Certified DPO by European Center on Privacy and Cybersecurity from Maastricht University, faculty of Law, and author of two GDPR online courses (with over 5000 attendees), one DPO Course certified by ANC (National Certification Authority in Romania) – having certified more than 30 DPOs.

Tudor Galos Consulting has over 70 customers in verticals like Retail, E-tail, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Digital Advertising, FMCG, serviced by a team of experts covering all privacy-compliance requirements: legal, process management, IT Security.