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  • Brexit: October 2018 round-up

    The pace of publication of Brexit statutory instruments (SIs) picked up this month. The government also continued to publish technical notices giving guidance to UK businesses and citizens on how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

  • Resilience techniques for lawyers

    Why resilience training? Resilience can mean the ability to bounce back from disruption, stress or change, or a dynamic process that involves a personal negotiation through life that fluctuates across time, life stage and context, as defined by psychologists Tusaie and Dyer. More than ever, resilience has become also a necessary part of being a … Continue reading Resilience techniques for lawyers

  • Brexit: August 2018 round-up

    In August, the government outlined its preparations for a no-deal scenario and published the first 25 in a series of “no deal” technical notices. No-deal Brexit speech “No deal” describes the scenario in which the UK and the EU fail to conclude a draft withdrawal agreement by the time of the UK’s exit from the … Continue reading Brexit: August 2018 round-up