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What can compliance teams learn from Expolink’s new Whistleblowing Report?

Expolink’s new Whistleblowing Benchmarking Report has revealed the latest trends in workplace whistleblowing. The report analyses 18,335 whistleblowing disclosures made by the employees of more than 650 organisations worldwide. All disclosures were submitted through Expolink’s independent Speak Up service during 2018. I have picked out five key highlights for compliance teams to consider.

Whistleblowing: what are the most effective speak up channels?

Giving your employees access to the right speak up channels (or ‘intake’ channels) is a critical part of any whistleblowing programme. But what are the most commonly used channels, what are their pros and cons, and which are likely to be the most effective within your organisation?

Whistleblowing: is your business ready for Loi Sapin II?

A new piece of French legislation came into force on 1st June, “The Law on Transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life” – also known as ‘Loi Sapin II’. With this new law comes lengthy obligations for those businesses with a presence in France.