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  • The culture and practice of law

    Life in the law can be fantastic; many individuals thrive in this fast-paced, high-pressure industry and are very successful and happy. However, that is the not the case for everyone. Lawyers and support staff regularly contact LawCare to talk about feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and burnt out. We hear about long hours, demanding bosses, incivility … Continue reading The culture and practice of law

  • Why we need kindness in the law

    The last few months have been difficult, but they have often brought out the best in us: thousands of people signing up to be GoodSAM NHS volunteers, neighbours offering to do each other’s shopping, Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising efforts and the weekly #clapforcarers have shown just how much kindness matters in a crisis. Positive connections … Continue reading Why we need kindness in the law

  • Are you Fit for Law?

    We all know that to be a lawyer you need to be intelligent and competent. As a lawyer your most important asset is your brain and legal training has always focused on the ability to think, reason and analyse. However, these are not the only skills you need in the legal workplace. To be a … Continue reading Are you Fit for Law?

  • Combating bullying in the legal workplace

    At LawCare we often receive calls to our helpline from lawyers who are being bullied at work. Calls about bullying and harassment nearly doubled last year. This is not to say that more bullying is taking place, it’s more likely that there is greater awareness about unacceptable workplace behaviour.