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How to create a mentally healthy legal workplace

At LawCare, the charity offering emotional support to legal professionals, we have listened to thousands of people tell us about the stress, anxiety and depression that they are experiencing, which is often caused or exacerbated by a difficult working environment. Lack of support or supervision, an overly critical manager, being undermined after a career break, … Continue reading How to create a mentally healthy legal workplace

Combating bullying in the legal workplace

At LawCare we often receive calls to our helpline from lawyers who are being bullied at work. Calls about bullying and harassment nearly doubled last year. This is not to say that more bullying is taking place, it’s more likely that there is greater awareness about unacceptable workplace behaviour.

The wellbeing of future lawyers

Today is World Mental Health Day, which this year focuses on young people, giving us an opportunity to look at how young people fare in the legal profession. At LawCare we believe you start “thinking like a lawyer” on the first day of your legal studies. Law is by nature competitive and adversarial, and the … Continue reading The wellbeing of future lawyers

Practical tips for wellbeing at work

Life in the law can be tough. At LawCare, the mental health charity for lawyers, we receive hundreds of calls every year from lawyers who are feeling stressed and struggling with the pressures of work. In our experience, many lawyers are not great at self-care. Although they know they should look after themselves (for example, by … Continue reading Practical tips for wellbeing at work