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Cross-border intellectual property: Practical Law survey

We are carrying out some market practice research into intellectual property (IP) matters in a cross-border context and are inviting our readers to participate in a short preliminary survey by following this link.

The survey is aimed at legal practitioners advising on IP matters in a cross-border context, and the questions cover the following:

  • The type of IP rights and agreements most frequently advised upon.
  • The aspects of cross-border IP that are the most challenging, and for which local counsel advice is most frequently sought.
  • Upcoming changes on the horizon for 2018 likely to have a major impact on this area of law.
  • Overall perception of Brexit’s likely impact on cross-border IP, and the extent to which preparations are being made for it.

IP will soon be added to the topics already covered by our cross-border resource centre, which aims to highlight the main legal, commercial and negotiating issues that arise when working across jurisdictions. Existing topics include commercial transactions, dispute resolution, employment, joint ventures, loan financing and private company acquisitions. Within each topic you can find a wealth of resources and integrated jurisdiction-specific guidance from up to 22 jurisdictions.

To learn more, you can visit the cross-border resource centre and watch this cross-border overview video.

If you would like to be provided with a copy of the results, please leave your email address in the space provided in the survey.

Jennifer Phillips

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