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Emotional intelligence and skills development

Developing a higher level of emotional intelligence (EQ) can enhance not only performance and professional success; it also helps individuals to feel more fulfilled, have more effective relationships with others and is a key skill in the maintenance of wellbeing.

As team leaders and individuals look at their goals and development areas for 2018, this is a good moment to consider this particular skill and whether it is sufficiently considered and developed for them (and their teams) or one to ‘work on’ this year.

Bridget Clapham of Clapham Associates ltd (executive coach, consultant and trainer) has developed a number of resources for Practical Law in this area. These resources being practical development tools that can be used to develop vital skills in this area whether as an individual goal or one carried out across a team.

Each of the resources can be looked at ‘in a silo’ but they are also designed to build one upon the other, creating a development journey to be followed. In this way an individual lawyer or several within a team can improve their knowledge and skills in EQ over a period of time.

The articles include a number of reflective exercises and case studies that can be lifted directly and put into play, as well as pointing you to other resources to further develop knowledge and skills in this area.

Bridget Clapham

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