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Everything you always wanted to know about being an in-house charity lawyer (but were afraid to ask)

In this webcast, Adrian Pashley, Senior Editor (Charities), Thomson Reuters Practical Law, interviews Darren Heath about his role as solicitor and in-house legal adviser at the charity Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

It explores Darren’s route into being an in-house lawyer and the particular challenges and benefits of being in-house at a charity. It also looks at the typical attributes required to be a successful in-house charity lawyer and includes discussion of:

  • What an in-house lawyer expects on service and costs when instructing external lawyers.
  • How an in-house lawyer keeps up with continuing professional development requirements and developments in law and practice.

Darren provides valuable insight into how to operate effectively and efficiently as an in-house lawyer. In particular, he discusses the need to be pro-active and engaged in the business, and to be prepared to make decisions to help facilitate what colleagues are seeking to achieve. He also provides food for thought for lawyers in private practice on how they deliver formal advice and legal information to in-house legal teams.

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