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Four months to go: new GDPR content on Practical Law

As our recent GDPR compliance market survey showed, many in-house lawyers are not feeling confident about their organisation complying with the GDPR by 25 May 2018, a considerable number pointing to a lack of management buy-in.

Practical Law is continuing to update its existing suite of resources and publish a toolkit of new practical content designed to support in-house teams in their compliance efforts, including resources to help those conversations with the powers that be. I updated you on some new additions on this blog in early December. Since the new year, we have published further new content to draw to your attention:

We are continuing to work on updating existing content and creating new resources and will keep you updated via the weekly in-house email and this blog. You can keep track of the GDPR content pipeline across Practical Law by taking a look at EU General Data Protection Regulation: Practical Law coverage.

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