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Last week, the Practical Law In-house Consultation board met to discuss some of the pain points that are currently exercising them and their colleagues in the compliance space. The discussion led to some valuable takeaways that are summarised in this post.

All the attendees agreed that companies are struggling to keep on top of an ever-increasing compliance burden. One organisation, keen to avoid a false sense of security, is undertaking an exercise to map the strategic, business process and business operational risks it faces against the control and assurance activities it undertakes in each line of defence. Their key question is: how much reliance can they place on their controls and the assurance activities they undertake?

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Legal Geek 2021

Last week I attended Legal Geek and, embracing the new hybrid working world, my first day was online and the second was at the venue in Brick Lane, London. Although Legal Geek continues to focus on legal tech, and in particular start-ups, this year there were some interesting sessions that examined the legal industry more broadly.

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LawCare recently published the findings of its Life in the Law research study. The study into wellbeing across the legal profession captured data between October 2020 and January 2021 from more than 1,700 legal professionals in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

One of the key findings was that 69% of legal professionals surveyed had experienced mental ill-health in the 12-months prior to completing the survey. In addition, burnout was found to be endemic within the industry, with the average burnout score putting legal professionals at high risk.

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Ever wondered about what life is like on the Practical Law editorial team? We often get substantive questions about our content but sometimes people are curious to see behind the scenes too.

Later this week, one of our editorial directors will be hosting an informal chat about life on our editorial team. You’ll hear from a couple of our editors about their experiences at Practical Law and have a chance to ask any questions of your own.

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In-house counsel can play a vital role in helping their organisations guard against greenwashing and achieve legitimate net zero by ensuring that they deliver on their environmental commitments, and it also means that individual counsel are aligning with their own values. This is a complex and fast evolving field, and Lawyers for Net Zero has been established to support in-house counsel to navigate it.

The number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate risk indicators are growing exponentially, from the North American wildfires to the Central European floods, together with a myriad of legal, societal and economic factors. They all highlight the need for businesses to act rapidly if they are to become part of the solution and avoid reputational or regulatory failure.

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The Autumn 2021 Budget will be delivered on 27 October, while changes to the Immigration Rules come into force on 1 October and the extended deadline for gender pay gap reporting ends on 5 October. The government has also published a consultation proposing reforms to the current right for employees to request flexible working.

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Following the European Commission’s adequacy findings for the UK back in June, to a collective sigh of relief, there has been continued focus on cross-border data exports over the summer. On 11 August, the ICO launched a public consultation on key aspects of the post-Brexit international transfer regime under the UK GDPR .

The consultation covers proposals for:

  • Updated ICO guidance on international transfers.
  • Transfer risk assessments (TRAs), including a new TRA tool.
  • A new international data transfer agreement (IDTA) to replace the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses.

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Please join us on 19 October 2021 (2.00pm-3.30pm) for a webinar hosted by The Centre for Legal Leadership (CLL) on leading and managing in-house legal teams. Whether you lead a team, aspire to lead one or simply work within one, it is always helpful to understand the leadership and management context in which you work.

The discussion will explore a range of issues, including:

  • Leading through change.
  • How to develop management skills.
  • Leading and managing recruitment and staff development.

The discussion will be led by our guest presenters, Rebecca Staheli (Head of Competition Law and Regulatory Law at the BBC) and Richard Macmillan (General Counsel at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust). The session will be moderated by Anthony Inglese and Paul Bentall of CLL, and will include a Q&A session.