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The European brand owners association, MARQUES, has issued a position paper setting out its proposals for the future of IP rights after withdrawal of the UK from the EU, slamming the UK government’s lack of engagement with this “very technical area of law”, which it says is causing grave damage to European business interests.

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On 14 November 2017, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published its 2016 data on the enforcement of the Anti-Bribery Convention. Those involved with or responsible for their business’ anti-bribery programme may find this information useful in both updating 2018 anti-bribery training and re-engaging the focus in this area at executive and board level.

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Imagine you are working late.  Suddenly, your phone rings.  You are told there is an ‘incident’ at one of your overseas operations.  The facts are hazy.  You find it hard to focus. What do you do? Continue reading

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Some may argue that organisations should be fully aware of their obligations and already well on their way to having compliant processes in place. The truth is that many are struggling with what they believe their role will be in this new world of regulation.

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Perhaps the most disturbing conversation I heard this year went as follows:

Me: “So what interaction do you have with your Ethics and Compliance (E&C) team.”

Head of sales at large multinational business: “Once a year I get an email from them listing who has not done their annual Code training.”

Me: “Ok”

Ok maybe not the ‘most disturbing’ – I have two teenage children, but right up there.

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The final report of the Parker Review Committee was published on 12 October 2017. Although the report does not make any concrete proposals in relation to extending its recommendations beyond listed companies, it does contain some practical tools for thinking about diversity that will be of interest to all organisations, not just those directly touched by the report’s recommendations.

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Winmark and Clyde & Co recently published the 2017 Looking Glass Report.

The 2017 report focuses on risk management in the context of a risk landscape which is “increasingly complex, uncertain and difficult to read” – and highlights the role of the GC in assisting their organisation to respond to this changing environment.

The report’s findings, based largely on a survey of 100 in-house legal leaders and 18 Board directors, are an interesting snapshot of how GCs and the Board perceive the GC’s role in key areas – and reveal points of significant divergence.

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