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The Hearing – Episode 60 Radd Seiger (Confluence Crisis Management Services)

Episode 60 of the Hearing has been released and is available here.

In this episode I talk with Radd Seiger, the spokesperson for the family of Harry Dunn, Co-Founder and Principal of Confluence Crisis Management Services, and an old friend and colleague.

Harry Dunn was killed in a car accident on 27th August 2019 at the age of 19. The driver of the other vehicle, Anne Sacoolas, admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road and yet she left the UK a little over two weeks later under the cover of diplomatic immunity.

The Harry Dunn case is a quest for justice that has unified the British public during a time of otherwise deep division. As a lawyer I have found the trajectory of the case compelling. Often these cases of injustice take years to conclude and while closure and resolution have not yet been given to Harry’s family, the case has moved with incredible speed. In under a year the family has met with the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, attended a meeting at the Oval Office and now former minister, Andrea Leadsom, is leading calls to the US government to allow for a virtual trial.

Radd has been responsible for much of this speed.  I spoke with him about how he got involved in the case but also more generally about how we can think beyond the law and  how lawyers can use our unique skillset to navigate and explain complex systems to support justice more widely.


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